Aberfoyle Baroque attends Jean Rondeau's Vertigo Concert

Wednesday, March 16, 2016 - 11:45am
Aberfoyle Baroque enjoys a Paris Bistro with Jean Rondeau & Thomas Dunford

Aberfoyle Baroque's Carolyn Winter & Jessica Honigberg recently attended Jean Rondeau's stunning "Vertigo" concert held in Salle Cortot, Paris.  The program included works by Rameau and Royer which Jean performed with enormous musical sympathy, highlighting the beauty and masterful form of each.  Jean's extraordinary technical & interpretive capacities made this an absolutely unforgettable concert.  In some of the numerous encores which followed the main performance, Jean was joined by Lutenist extraordinaire Thomas Dunford which made for a wonderful closing of the event.

Jean's "Vertigo" album, now available in the U.S., is not to be missed!