A Delightful Visit to Nicolao Atelier, Venice - costumi d'arte!

Friday, June 9, 2017 - 7:15pm
Nicolao Atelier, Stefano Nicolao, Carolyn Winter, Aberfoyle Baroque

Aberfoyle Baroque recently enjoyed a visit to world-renowned Atelier Nicolao, designer & maker of some of the finest historically accurate period costumes for opera, dance & film.  Owner Stefano Nicolao & wife Suzanna graciously provided an extended tour of their huge Atelier that is packed with gorgeous costumes, fabrics, headwear, handcrafted shoes, braids & buttons.     
If you’re needing a costume or Baroque dance outfit this is the place to go!  You can also appreciate their costumes - but not Baroque costumes, alas! - in Puccini’s 1910 opera “The Girl of the West”, showing in  NYC early September in a joint Italian-American (New York City Opera) production.