Alberto Busettini to bring "The Froberger Project" to Aberfoyle Baroque

Monday, November 9, 2015 - 6:30pm
Alberto Busettini to play at Aberfoyle Baroque

Aberfoyle Baroque is thrilled to announce that Alberto Busettini, Maestro di Sala at Teatro La Fenice, Venice, will perform an all-Froberger Soirée in the Fall of 2016.   

Alberto is the harpsichordist and "maestro di sala" for the Early and Baroque Music Projects at the Teatro La Fenice, Venice.  He has performed very widely across Europe and in his home country, Italy. As a soloist, Alberto regularly performs on original instruments such as the Walter harpsichord (1696) in Tolmezzo, Italy, and Jospeh Collesse's harpsichord (1748) in Paris.  He also performs on the Tagliavini Collections, the prestigious Russel harpsichord collection in Edinburgh, and on the Collection of Keyboard Instruments, Berlin.  From October, 2015, Alberto is on tour with the original Collesse Harpsichord performing at the Teatro La Fenice of Venice and the International Harpsichord Festival in Rome. 

Alberto is also in great demand as a conductor, recently conducting the Bach Cantatas with the Fvg Choir together with Gabriele Cassone.  He has also played with many early music groups, including Contrarco Baroque Ensemble, Opera Stravagante, and Italico Splendore.  Amongst Alberto's recordings are the cantantas by Domenico Gabrielli with the ensemble "Le Stravaganze Armoniche", and arias for tenor and orchestral pieces from the opera "Tassilone" by Agostino Steffani on the CD "Avanti il Levar de la Tenda".

Alberto Busettini performs Froberger's Toccata IX